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April 25, 2012
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Black Templar: The Crusade Begins! (Complete) by NicholasKay Black Templar: The Crusade Begins! (Complete) by NicholasKay
Further updates? Of course! New video with music (previous one didn't)

************** FURTHER UPDATES!************
The tutorial video is now up! You can watch it here:

**************SUPER GINORMOUS UPDATE!*************
The speed video for this piece is now available! You can watch it here: [link]



Welcome back friends, the saga of my Black Templar painting finally comes to a close here! After what seems like an eternity of leaning against my Cintiq, the Black Templar (and a few friends) are now ready to strike force and burn a holy path through the forces of darkness.

This piece took a super long time to do... I honestly can't gauge it accurately but it's somewhere in the ballpark of 14+ hours, possibly even 18 or 20.

Everything was done in Adobe Photoshop and (if you are kind enough to wait) you can view the PROCESS VIDEO for this piece tomorrow once I edit my screen recordings and begin narration. When the video is ready, I'll make sure to make a big, ugly update at the top of this painting's description so that everyone can see. :-D

Thanks for checking out my piece, I really hope you like it. Once again, don't forget to check out my blog... there's good stuff there, I promise.




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i use this as my phone screen
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Awesome work. Wish it was available as a background. Love 
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No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!
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Is that a new kind of armor?
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HA! He looks very clean, shiny even :D
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What game do these guys come from? I saw a mod of them in Fallout New Vegas.
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That would be Warhammer: 40.000, a tabletop game and the greatest contribution to mankind since bacon.
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Oh. Then never mind.
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